Gone are the days when you had to get ready and drive to a store just to pick up food & groceries and lug it back home. Born out of passion and quality, Zilokart thrives to deliver quality products at your door step with just a few clicks.  With low parking spaces, bad weather, congested roads and juggling work and home, and more working parents, it is a growing concern for youngsters and parents to put healthy food on the table.

Elderly parents have a hard time going to the store to get fresh and new variety of foods and carry them back to their homes.  Our drive to your home is to make this single mission possible.

That’s because you now have zilokart.com It takes all the pain out of food & grocery shopping; no more driving to the store, facing parking hassles and spending your precious time just to make routine purchases. All you need to do now is to spend a few minutes on your pc or mobile – at home or at work, or in a café or even when on the move, and complete your shopping in a snap.

What makes it even better is the fact that you can choose from a whole range of offers and deals to make your shopping even more rewarding. Add to this the convenience of paying either online or on delivery, and the flexibility to choose a delivery time band most convenient to you.

Right now, we are offering our services various parts of the region, and hope to spread to other areas and cities soon. So go ahead, enjoy the convenience of shopping at zilokart.com and make your life easy!

Zilokart.com is brought to you by WTS in India. We have over 10 years in the service industry, we have mastered the art of delivery across India and look forward to making sure shopping experience easy.

WTS aspires to make life easier, by taking the hard work and toil out from grocery shopping, giving people more time to do things that they would really want to do instead. The Company is registered in Chennai and aims to gradually expand its footprint across several cities in India, and bring the goodness of online retailing to more and more people.

we have travelled globally and handpicked our suppliers and products so we can maintain freshness and quality of our international products.  Shopping with us will provide value and service which we hope will make you our favorite customer

We hope you enjoy this experience of shopping with us as much as we like helping you  shopping.

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