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Grown Organic food is a journey by itself, Every details has to be taken in as pure food begins with the soil first, Our famers ensure the soil is pestiside free and has no chemical, Then come the seed where we do not use any genetically modified species in our agriculture production,Complementing this is the complete process of using sunshine, traditional methods of growing and crop protection, with the organic crop growing under the care of nature and the knowledgeable farmar, the next step for us is to harvest and store, Our Storage is done in a non chemical based, controlled envirnoment, Dehmuidifier, temperature control and traditional pest protection plants where the principles of organic intergrity are adhered to strictly, We work directly with farmers and our unique farm to Kitchen traceability means you can trust old fashioned goodness through and through, We work with over 12,000 farmers in 15 states on 80,000 acres to make a positive difference to their lives on one hand and ensure organic intergrity, purity and consistent quality on the other, A direct results of 24 Mantra’s efforts has been creating avenues for better Income
and Quality on the other, A direct result of 24 Mantra Organic, In our Mantra we have integrated the ancient wisdom, Tvam Bhumir Apo Analo Analo Nabha.

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