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“Solasz” Olive Pomace Oil reacts well to all types of Indian cooking, frying, roasting & grilling etc. Solas Olive Pomace Oil is a healthy substitute for the oils mainly used presently by the Indian consumer, i.e. sunflower, safflower, corn, soya, palm, etc. Its neutral flavour &high smoking point makes it ideal for Indian cooking. Though recommended to use completly it can also be used in 1/3 rd the qty of other oils while cooking

Solas Olive pomace oil contains higest monosaturated good fats amongst edible oils & very low saturated bad fats which are associated with numerious health benefits.

Olive pomace oil is very similar to pure olive oil. When all the oil and water is extracted from olives, there is still some oil residue left that can be extracted from olive pomace. Olive pomace oil is good for high heat cooking.

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